The success of SPSS is related to many factors and one of them is about companies to offer products and services. The following list of companies  has shown great experience with the SPSS technology and with adding their own services and products to the software. If your company does not show up here, please contact

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Channel Group Inc.

Channel Group Inc. began in 1996 as the holding company for the SPSS Inc. operations in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Mexico. In 1998 we acquired the Quantime Inc. (Quantum, Quanvert…) operations in Latin America. We later became the regional overlay team for the SPSS Market Research product line (Dimensions, Data Collection) for all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Almost 20 years later, we are a leading IBM and UNICOM Partner in the provision of data collection and predictive solutions and services. We have handled hundreds of accounts and serviced thousands of customers across both public and commercial organizations. We help our clients achieve their vision of using customer and citizen data to make evidence based decisions in their organizations.

Our success is based on our ability to demonstrate the benefits that the use of analytical technology provides. Underlying this ability is our collective passion and conviction as a company that analyzing data and incorporating results into the decision-making process leads to better decisions.

Can we use our experience and expertise to help you make better decisions with data?

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2x4 Solutions GmbH

2x4 Solutions GmbH

2x4 Solutions GmbH

2x4 was founded in 2006 as a technology oriented company for all SPSS products. Starting as an SPSS partner, we now support IBM, Unicom and Nebu products.

Bernhard Witt is the founder of 2x4 and he is an expert for all the Unicom Data Collection systems which were previously knows as Dimensions.

Today, 2x4 is supporting clients worldwide with training, consulting, software licenses, product development and hosting of Dimensions. We also produce some of the best “add-ons” for Data Collection systems. These are SurveyTester, SmartTranslate and our Backup&Replication program for Dimensions servers.

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