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Some love it - others hate it. Some work with it every day and some cannot even remember which version they used. What is YOUR story about SPSS?

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Martijn Wiertz Martijn Wiertz wrote on 25. April 2018 at 21:01:
Oh boy, where to start on a 20+ year involvement with SPSS the company and all the various products...!
I used the DOS version in school, where people would do all other parts of the project for you if you just knew how to use SPSS! When I joined SPSS in the Netherlands in 1997 there was luckily a Windows version, plus tons of other products that I had to learn to demo (QI Analyst anyone? What was that flowcharting product called again??). What a great group of people to start oneโ€™s professional life with!
Then later the move towards โ€œenterpriseโ€ with the acqusitions of Clementine, DataDistilleries and more great and smart people, and the birth of PES and the development of our enterprise solutions framework just before we got acquired.
And the farewell tour by the leadership team was a great and emotional ending to that era.

And now every youngster is marvelling over โ€œAIโ€ technologies as if there was nothing before say 2010 ;-). Jack Noonanโ€™s proverbial rocket has truly left the launching pad...

SPSS was the place where I grew up, professionally speaking. So many great Aha moments and teachers over the years. Fond memories
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