Let’s celebrate a half-century with a great software company

1968 was the year when a great software success story began. Norman H. Nie and Hadlai “Tex” Hull started the development SPSS, a computer program for statistical analysis of social science data.

Now, 50 years later in 2018, SPSS is still around and is still a success story. This website is a contribution from SPSS enthusiasts for celebrating the 50th anniversary of SPSS.

We prepared a guest book and YOU as a SPSS users, ex user, current or past employee are invited to make a notice about your relationship to SPSS. Lets create a unique summary of stories about 50 years SPSS.

If you have good or bad experience with the software, the company or any other aspect of SPSS, please let the world know. Tell us the stories that you would tell good friends at a BBQ or your colleagues at a company event.

Towards the end of 2018 (likely around Thanksgiving) we will create a PDF storybook, including all stories which have been created on this website. As a contributor for this website you will get a free download for the book. And we also plan to pass a printed copy to IBM as SPSS is not an individual company anymore.

Please help us to write this great storybook and tell us YOUR STORY about SPSS.

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